Asphalt Driveway Repair Tips

Prevention is better than cure’ is an old adage that you cannot go wrong with, especially in asphalt driveway repair. A small crack in your driveway, if left unchecked, can grow to an unmanageable magnitude that can sap a good amount of money from your pocket. However, DIY activities carried out in bitumen driveways in time, can save you the huge expense.

All the same, just as in any other DIY project, you need to be keen with the details. With the right information at your fingertips, you are set to repair bitumen driveways effectively.

Asphalt repair versus concrete repair


While both materials require similar work, dealing with bitumen driveways require more details. For instance, bitumen (asphalt) is a special material and requires patching materials quite different from concrete. For the best results, it is advisable to get the right products for repair bitumen driveways.

For example, if you have to repair a concrete driveway, the main product you need is concrete. The product is available in major stores for home improvement products. Besides, concrete is the product you need regardless of the size of the crack on a concrete driveway.


On asphalt surfaces such as asphalt carparks, shopping for a patching compound is tricky, especially if you are a beginner. First off, you cannot use hot mix asphalt for patching. Besides, hot asphalt is not available in the home improvement stores, even if you were to use it. Asphalt driveways require just a special product to fill the cracks on an asphalt surface. In addition, the size of the crack determines which product you buy to seal it.

For instance, cracks less than half-inch wide on asphalt surfaces require the application of crack filler. The filler is available in home improvement stores in cartridges. When the cracks are half-inch wide or more, you should get a patching compound known as asphalt cold patch.

The product is available in bags or cans containing various sizes. Besides, these compounds are suitable only when temperatures are warm. It is advisable to seek more advice from experts for asphalt paving services Melbourne has to offer. Check out Asphalt Melbourne

Steps to sealing a crack on asphalt driveways

With the right products available, you have to do the actual work to seal the cracks on your asphalt surface. Follow the right instructions from experts for driveway asphalting Melbourne has to offer.

·         If there are weeds coming out the cracks, pull them out before your start the sealing process

·         Use a garden hose to spray the cracks and clean them properly

·         Apply weed killer to ensure no more weeds sprout from the spot

·         When the crack is deep, as more than half-inch deep and wide, you should fill it first with sand to a quarter level

·         Press down the sand

·         Apply the patching compound

·         Allow the compound to cool

·         Apply the sealer

You can do this DIY project on your asphalt surface, as long as the cracks are less than half-inch wide. For bigger cracks, you should involve professionals for asphalt paving in Melbourne.

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