Printer Defects: Causes of Light Print in Laser Printers

Laser printers experience problems just like any other mechanical devices. While some of these problems are easy to rectify, others may require seeking printer repair services. Well, there are different printer models and it is important to choose an expert on your printer’s model when seeking repair services. If it is a cannon printer, for example, you will need someone who specializes in canon printer repairs since he or she will have a better understanding of this type of machine. One of the problems that a canon printer may experience is light print, which can be very frustrating especially if you are in a hurry to do your printing only to get prints that you can barely read. What causes this?

Reasons for light print in laser printers

Some of the reasons why your laser printer will produce light prints include:

Empty or defective toner cartridge: While the printer has its toner level indicator, sometimes these indicators are never accurate. Therefore, you may end up being out of toner without noticing. When you experience light print, you may need to swap toners to be sure that you are not suffering from an empty toner. Sometimes you may just need to shake the toner cartridge gently to redistribute the powder and be able to print some more pages before you can think of replacing it. Similarly, it is important to be careful when choosing toners to ensure you do not end up with defective ones.

Toner sticks to the fuser roller: The fuser is that part of the laser printer that plays the role of heating the toner powder, which allows it to stick to the paper so that a print can be created. There are times when toner sticks on the upper roller of the fuser causing ghosted image on the page. If this happens, then you may need to remove the fuser and check whether there is some toner sticking on its upper roller.

Electronic problems and power supply issues: Sometimes high voltage power supply cause the problem of light print. However, electronic and power supply problems are rare. Hence, you may have to seek Canon printer services near you if you are sure that your printer does not have any other problem.

Blocked Laser Scanner: The scanner is the one that writes an image on the drum. If the lenses and mirrors in the scanner are dirty, then the laser is obstructed from writing an image on the drum leading to light or even no print in this area of blockage. The solution to this is to clean the scanner, though this can be time-consuming.

You may have checked all the potential problems but no defects are identifiable. This means that you may require seeking Sydney canon printer repairs to have the machine checked. You must ensure you have the right person attending to your machine since poor cannon printer repairs can destroy your machine further instead of making it better. Therefore, you must get canon printer repairs from a qualified service provider who is licensed to operate and has the experience in handling these types of printers.

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