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Even the family law specialists Brisbane firms have would not want to see you in their office because of the likely reasons you’re there. Unless you’re simply accompanying a friend.

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No one wants a family to fall apart. Much less watch the parties involved go through the stress and pain of the fallout. But when separation does happen and divorce is the best solution for all, you should seek legal assistance from a family lawyer.

This is especially true if mediation failed and you will have to go to court.

In Brisbane, you’ll find plenty of family law specialists but only a few have your best interest at heart.

Hire McPhee Lawyers


Family law is one of the complex and discrete areas of law. The rules and laws that apply to relationships are nothing short of challenging.

This is why you need someone who has experience dealing with a huge variety of family law cases and fully understands that every situation is unique. The best separation lawyer Brisbane offers knows this well and will take a tailored approach to each and every situation.


The question of property often arises in a divorce.

This is when you need a property settlement lawyer Brisbane firm has to help you deal with complex property matters, including the use and occupation of the family home.

You also need their expert advice on moving and whether or not you can bring your children along. The rules surrounding this can become complicated if the other parent disagrees.

But with the help of a property settlement Brisbane lawyer, you may be able to smooth things out without causing too much damage.

Compassionfamily law specialists brisbane

If you’re looking for a lawyer that you can talk to and will listen to you, McPhee Lawyers can give you just that. On top of listening to your concerns, they will also dig deep to find information that you may have thought irrelevant but will help your case.

A listening ear is one thing. But a listening ear with an expert mind is another. Because you know that the information you impart will be used in your favour.


Lawyers are not always known for their honesty, but this team of family law specialists Brisbane offers will be honest about how much the legal process will cost you.

The last thing you want is to face financial problems at the heels of the dissolution of your relationship. McPhee Lawyers will be upfront in their assessment of your case, not only disclosing costs but also your chances and options.

On top of these, you can rely on them to represent you in court and use every option available to promote the best outcome for you and your family. This makes the firm the best family law specialists Brisbane has to offer.

How to Properly Deal with Family Lawyers

  • Be clear about what you want to achieve (Orders) from the Family Court. Do you want the court to make an order so your children can live with you or are you simply asking for visitation rights?
  • Provide relevant evidence and only relevant evidence. Relevance to the Orders you’re asking is key, so consult your lawyer with regards to this.
  • Be respectful. Family courts are the busiest, which often leave judges almost dismissive. No matter what happens inside the courtroom always be respectful.