Wood Watches Are the Latest Trend

People do get tired of one fashion over time, and hop on to something else. That is the nature of mankind, and that is what always helped bring in and place the newer trends on the hot seat in human culture across countries. One of the latest trends is the use of wooden accessories. Wooden accessories are much in fashion these days, and not just men even women are concerned about fashion and following the hottest trend. They are celebrating this new era of wooden accessory fashion by welcoming wooden glass frames, wallets, bags and wood watches into their wardrobes.

wood watches

Are Wooden Watches for Real?

Well yes, they are for real! Wood watches are real, and they are very much available in shops for purchase. There are many shops that sell the authentic wood watches nowadays. If you don’t have one in your area, as this is the new trend, and people are still evolving to try it, you would obviously get some online. Using recyclable items and eco-friendly things has been in trend for quite some time. This time the concept used in the making of casual and luxury wood watches. Plastics and metals got replaced with wood, and experimental watch makers came with varying watch designs, which are cool and fashionable to go with any outfit and style.

What Kind of Wood is Used in the Making

Mostly, any kind of good quality wood is used together with bamboo to make these watches. Both are highly durable, and bamboo is especially valued for its tensile strength. That is why when wood and bamboo get used for manufacturing a watch, the outcome is durable, recyclable, eco-friendly, skin friendly and comfortable to use, and lightweight than conventional metal watches.

How Durable are the Wooden Watches

The wood watches are specially tested after making. They are tested to be dust proof, moisture proof, break proof, drop proof, and scratch proof. That is why one has no reason to worry about the durability of the watches. If you are spending money on smart wooden watches, you should actually be feeling proud than worrying; and proud because, you are using sustainable technology and wearing it straight on hand.

These are scratch proof and drop proof, and your watch will last 100 years and perhaps more if you love it and care for it. Just look around yourself and how many wrists have a wooden watch on them. You won’t spot one so soon. Hence before it gets too spread across, you can grab one and seek the attention for wearing a unique piece of jewelry.

Where Can You Wear the Wooden Watches

Now this is a nice question which has a nice answer too. Just because it’s made of wood, do not think the watch is a foreign thing. You can wear one anytime and anywhere. For that you don’t have to be alone, or in a crowd. Wear casual, luxury and expensive wood watches to a date, wear them in your office, wear them for an interview, or wear them for cool fashion. You can always flaunt your wooden watch for the rich taste of class you exhibit through its use. Find out more at HTTP://WE-WOOD.US/COLLECTIONS/ALL.

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